A Brief History Of Los Angeles

The First Occupants of What Is Now Los Angeles

The history of Los Angeles began when Hokan-speaking tribes settled in the area and survived by fishing, hunting, and gathering wild seeds. However, archaeological studies show that these tribes were later driven away by other tribes who speak different dialects. It’s not yet clear why these migrants moved into the area but the most popular theory is that they were fleeing droughts from their original homes which were scattered within the Great basin. These migrants arrived in the area in waves and continued to settle in the surrounding valleys and mountains until the arrival of European explorers.

An Informative History of Los Angeles

The Arrival Of Spanish Explorers

It was the Portuguese explorer Juan Cabrillo who first saw and described the rich valleys in what is now Los Angeles. However, it was the Spaniards who made their way into the area and built human settlements. The first Spanish settlement in the area was built sometime in 1769. More settlements were established as the Spanish explorers tried to build a route that would lead to the port which was established earlier in Monterey. When the Spaniards arrived in the region, around 5,000 native Indians were already living in the valley. The Spaniards also brought in people from Mexico to settle in the region. Several missionary stations were also built in the area.

Independence From Spain

Los Angeles has been under the control of Spain but this changed in 1821 when Mexico achieved independence from Spain. Control over the land changed again in 1847 when the United States took control over California after defeating the Mexican army at the Battle of Rio San Gabriel. Just a year later, Mexico ceded the whole of California to the United States during the signing of a treaty. The region has been under U.S. control ever since.

Settlers Flood To The Area During The Gold Rush

The quick growth of Los Angeles in the 1850s was largely due to the arrival of thousands of miners and prospectors during the California Gold Rush which began in 1849. Several ranches were also established in Los Angeles to raise cows which are then butchered to provide beef for the growing numbers of miners in the region. Los Angeles became a municipality in 1850 and got its first official schoolhouse five years later. The municipality’s population started to grow in spurts right after the Civil War as Americans of African ancestry started trooping to the area.

Los Angeles Today

After the Civil War, Los Angeles slowly grew into one of the most vibrant cities in the West Coast. This is widely attributed to the fact that the place was a melting pot of people from all cultures. In 1924, the city’s population breached the one million mark. It was also during this time that Los Angeles established itself as the center of entertainment with the forming of Twentieth Century Fox. Today, Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities not only in America but in the whole world. The city currently stands as the second most populous city in the United States with 3.8 million people.